Abiye's Story 
Being of Nigerian heritage, Abiye has always had a love and fascination for African fashion - the prints, the versatility & the cultural significance. From dresses to skirts and tops, tailor-made African fashion was something she was regularly exposed to and a culture she proudly embraced. But from the age of 16, Abiye quickly noticed that there was a lack of ready-made, western-inspired designs when it came to the nature and accessibility of native wear. Years of depending on a tailor whenever there was a need for an event grew tiresome to both Abiye and a lot of her friends. It became clear that there was a common need for African wear that was modern, trendy, and most importantly within reach.

This need sparked a desire in Abiye’s heart to bridge the gap within African fashion and create a brand that capitulates both the beauty of African wear, whilst meeting the needs of African rooted/associated women. From this desire, LAVIYE was birthed in 2012, after Abiye decided to take a break from her Ph.D. to focus on her wellbeing. This gave more time to focus and nurture the uniqueness and message of the brand.

Starting small with African accessories, Abiye expanded her reach to womenswear and menswear. She takes great pride and joy in making LAVIYE a brand that connects home away from home - a luxury she wishes she had when she needed it.


Kevin's Story

Deeply rooted within his family, Kevin comes from a home of fashion. From a father who has a strong passion for fashion design to a mother who owned her very own fashion boutique, there has always been a great love and relatability to fashion within his family. The culture of conduct and styling was one that he was easily brought up in, his second nature. So, when Kevin met Abiye at a mutual friend’s gathering, her love for fashion was one he could relate to personally. As their friendship grew, Kevin’s involvement within LAVIYE also grew. 


It was very important to Kevin and Abiye that a space was created within LAVIYE for men to thrive culturally. So, when customer demand arose for a menswear line, Kevin helped shape that desire and created a vision. Alongside Abiye, Kevin has been able to redirect the ‘traditional’ lens of African print into something more desirable for the millennial man. Together, they are putting a LAVIYE stamp on fashion, by creating a space for African styles in western silhouettes, one inclusive to both men and women. 


But the story is just beginning! You are invited on this journey with LAVIYE in creating an African-inspired lifestyle for African rooted and associated men and women. If you’re proud of your cultural heritage and want to show it off, this is the right place to start.




LAVIYE was established in 2012 to inspire millennials in the diaspora to renew a sense of pride in their African culture. We wanted to create a channel for men & women to find confidence in self-expression, to be bold in their outfit choices and shameless about what they believe in!
Our mission is to create a lifestyle brand that showcases the beauty of African fashion by merging vibrant African fabrics with ‘Western’ silhouettes to create the ‘African-meets-Western’ look. It is our goal to create a brand that encompasses all aspects of our daily lives – from casual clothing, to nightwear, gym wear to formal wear.
We offer clothing for millennials in the diaspora that are proud of their African heritage – people who love to make a statement and want to wear outfits that make people stare when they walk into a room.
We believe that wearing unique, well made, African inspired statement pieces don’t have to break the bank – neither should they be boring! There are more than enough plain/same old boring pieces all over the high street. Step into our world where its full of colour, but not just colour for the sake of it – colour that imbibes the richness of our culture! Patterns that have a meaning behind them and cuts that make you feel like the royalty you really are.


This is what #LAVIYE stands for.
Welcome to Our World.